Posted on Jan 21, 2021

My Carolina Merchant Pay Point L.L.C.

With the COVID-19 pandemic comes change. Be on the lookout for new innovations from contactless terminal solutions to Android and Apple based unattended solutions. These new options are durable enough to handle multiple cleaning sessions, they are perfect for stand-alone self-serve environments, and clean enough to reduce touching of payment terminals. Embracing these new contactless terminals will assure customers are more confident when using secure contactless technology that minimizes touchpoints during curbside, delivery, takeout, and in store transactions. If you have not noticed during this raging pandemic that customers have been scared away from touching surfaces such as pin pads and other point-of-sale technologies. Many retailers are rushing to install NFC-equipped devices that will let patrons’ wave or tap a card without risking even a brush of the hand against a payment device.

The interesting thing is that NFC is not the only route to touchless commerce. Now as if the payments industry were not with QR code before COVID-19 struck, they are beginning now. The debate over reliability and convenience of NFC vs QR code will continue. Let us help you decide the best fit for your business.
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